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Rapid Eye Testing

eRAMx app screens a participant for drug use with a Rapid Eye testQuickly and accurately examine a participant for drug influence with one-minute Rapid Eye Testing.

The eye is the easiest part of the body to examine – any drug that affects the central nervous system almost always has an influence on the eye.

Because proper eye function requires precise actions of very small nerves and muscles, even small doses of some drugs disturb normal physiologic processes and produce telltale signs in the eyes. Most of these signs can be easily detected by a simple, one-minute Rapid Eye Test. Components of Rapid Eye Testing for drug use include, but are not limited to:

  • Horizontal and Vertical Nystagmus – failure to hold gaze, jerkiness of eye movements
  • Non-Convergence – inability to track objects or hold a cross-eyed position
  • Pupil Comparison – dilation and/or constriction of the pupil

Support recovery and monitor compliance.

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