Why does drug testing matter in the workplace?

Workplace drug abuse is…


More than 70% of U.S. employers say they are feeling the impact of substance abuse in their workplaces


Employees with substance use disorders are often less productive and significantly more likely to take sick days


Drug abuse-related expenses cost businesses more than $100 billion every year in medical costs and lost productivity


Workplace drug abuse affects employees’ job performance and increases the likelihood of safety accidents

eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing is a powerful, convenient tool.

When businesses use drug testing for pre-employment screenings or workplace monitoring, they see comprehensive benefits.

Decreased absenteeism

Increased productivity

Lower healthcare costs

Reduced employee turnover

The eRAMx Advantage

Innovative, patented technology for results you can’t get anywhere else.

Remote-First Design

eRAMx was designed for remote use, so your employees and applicants can complete a drug test from any location. Adapt to any environment, from busy offices to a remote workforce.

Built for Speed

In a competitive hiring market, quick, convenient HR processes can be the key to attracting and retaining talent. Get immediate drug testing results 24 hours a day with eRAMx. Follow up with candidates for faster speed-to-hire. Get clarity on urgent post-accident or for-cause testing.

Measurable Cost Savings

Traditional drug testing is expensive, with the average drug test costing employers four hours of PTO per employee. eRAMx cuts out travel time and long lab waits, leaving a drug testing process that’s convenient for employees and cost-effective for businesses.

Security is important to us.

┬áDon’t compromise on security or convenience. We assure security and reliability with a combination of technical and physical safeguards.

Set your workplace up for success

Start making faster, more informed workplace decisions. eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing is a comprehensive solution for everything from pre-employment screenings to on-the-job drug testing.