Frequently Asked Questions

About eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing

What is eRAMx?

eRAMx is a live remote drug testing technology which provides immediate drug testing results via a secure mobile app and proprietary web platform.

What does eRAMx stand for?

eRAMx stands for Electronic Remote Accountability Monitoring.

eRAMx glossary

Observer – the individual observing the virtual drug test or other observation type.

Participant – the individual taking the virtual drug test or otherwise being observed (MAT, field supervision, etc.)

eRAMx Platform – the program the observer uses to enroll participants, conduct observations, store information, and share results. This platform is available on desktop or laptop computers.

eRAMx App – the mobile application the participant uses during their observation window. This app is available on most Apple and Android devices.

Using eRAMx

Are you available 24/7?

Yes. eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing technology may be used at any time.  Our  nationwide team of trained virtual testing proctors are available for live remote observations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who is currently utilizing eRAMx?

Our patented live remote drug testing system is currently in use by both private and public sectors. Our clients include: HR professionals, Worker’s Compensation Specialists, Unions, Specialty Courts, (i.e. Veterans Courts, Drug Courts, Family Treatment Courts, and others,) Probation Departments, Community Corrections Agencies, Drug-testing product providers, Case Management companies, and more.

How does eRAMx pricing work?

eRAMx is a cost effective and scalable resource. Depending on your organization’s needs and your expected volume of drug testing, we offer different pricing options. Please call our team for more details.

What types of observations can be performed with eRAMx?

We have a patented live remote drug testing platform for oral swab tests. Our platform has also been utilized for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), rapid eye testing, virtual searches, increased security, and general virtual face-to-face interactions.

Can users set up different levels of access?

Yes, there are several permission levels to choose from. Based on your organization’s hierarchy, you can assign different levels of user access for administrators, managers, and employees.

Do new customers receive training on the eRAMx platform?

Yes, we will train your staff on a virtual platform (GoToTraining). We subscribe to the training methodology of “I Do, We Do, You Do,” which has been an extremely popular approach as expressed by many of our new customers.

How can you perform a live drug test or observation?

Currently, a test can be performed from a laptop or desktop machine.

Technical Details

Is the eRAMx mobile app compatible with Apple and Android devices?

Yes, our eRAMx mobile app is compatible and stable with Apple and Android devices which are still supported by the original manufacturer.

Where can you find the eRAMx app?

The eRAMx app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

On what web browsers can you access the eRAMx platform?

Google Chrome and Firefox are currently the preferred web browsers most compatible with eRAMx.

What type of data is stored in the eRAMx platform?

Our platform stores limited personal information – i.e., name, address, time-zone – in addition to observation dispositions and images stored respective to each individual observed.

Is eRAMx a secure platform?

Yes, eRAMx is a secure platform. eRAMx uses industry-standard encryption between the system and both users and participant devices. eRAMx is hosted on Amazon Web Services which are FedRamp Moderate certified.