Rapid, reliable drug testing results in just a few simple steps.

1. SET UP25%

eRAMx creates an account for your business, hiring team, or organization

Invite your hiring candidates, employees, or other desired participants to download the eRAMx app


Use our intuitive platform to schedule a test type, date, and time. We’ll automatically notify the participant when their testing window is coming up!

Need drug testing done immediately? eRAMx provides professionally proctored virtual drug tests on demand, 24 hours a day. Schedule your drug testing observation as soon as you need it, or up to 365 days in advance.

3. TEST75%

Say hello! Start by initiating a live, two-way audio & video connection with the participant from any location

Next, monitor the participant as they conduct an easy oral swab test

Finally, wait – in just minutes, your Live Remote Drug Testing results will be ready

Step 3: Observer and participant are connected to conduct a remote oral swab drug test
4. SHARE100%

Share your results with ease. Use automated email notifications to send your drug test results to as many addresses as you want with a single button

Compatible with iOS, Android, and major browsers
Built-in geolocation option for users
Use any device’s front camera, back camera, or flashlight

Flexible features to fit your unique drug testing needs

Store photos and save notes for later
Trainings and on-demand support provided
Send reminders to participants

Ready to learn more?

We’re excited to help you streamline your workplace to-do’s. From pre-employment screening to on-the-job drug testing, experience the difference of eRAMx Live Remote Drug Testing.