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eRAMx for Human Resources

More than 70% of U.S. employers say they are feeling the impact of substance abuse in their workplaces. Drug abuse costs businesses more than $100 billion every year in medical costs and lost productivity. Workplace drug abuse also increases the likelihood of safety accidents.

Upgrading to eRAMx with oral fluid testing can reduce insurance costs, lower absenteeism, and increase workplace productivity.

Other applications for eRAMx

Our patented live remote drug testing system is currently in use by both private and public sectors. In addition to HR professionals, our clients include Worker’s Compensation Specialists, Unions, Specialty Courts, (i.e. Veterans Courts, Drug Courts, Family Treatment Courts, and others,) Probation Departments, Community Corrections Agencies, Drug-testing product providers, Case Management Companies, and more.

In all use cases, the eRAMx patented platform allows for the chain-of-custody data to be observed and saved in real time, allowing for a complete digital audit trail.