A Turnkey Solution for Workers Compensation Drug Testing


DNA-verified sample authenticity. Ultimate scalability.

In our partnership with Genotox and FourStone Partners, we harnessed the combined power of DNA verification and remote drug testing to deliver personalized workers compensation outcomes.

Using eRAMx for an observed collection of the donor baseline DNA profile means you never have to observe another drug screening specimen collection.

The eRAMx patented platform allows for the chain-of-custody data to be observed and saved in real time allowing for a digital audit trail.

With thorough, detail-focused observation and reporting features during the initial oral swab, we delivered our clients the ultimate peace of mind for a lifetime of unobserved drug screenings.

eRAMx Collects Donor Baseline DNA

The eRAMx software facilitates and documents a one-time, observed oral swab to establish the donor’s baseline DNA profile. 

Features like two-way audiovisual connection, reference photo capture and storage, and geolocation ensure donor authenticity.

See our full list of dedicated drug testing features.

Genotox ToxDirectTM Collects Urine Specimen

The donor submits an unobserved urine sample from home, work, or any other location.

The Genotox Labs ToxDirect process uses patented ToxProtect and SynScan technology to confirm the donor’s identity.

If the specimen submitted matches the donor’s baseline DNA profile, the donor submitted their own urine.

Learn more about ToxDirect.

FourStone Partners Manages Insurance Submission

FourStone Partners, a provider of workers’ compensation managed care services, receives the results of the donor’s submission.

The donor’s identity is already verified and the integrity of the specimen is documented. FourStone can proceed with the workers’ compensation case with confidence and efficiency, submitting an insurance claim or taking other action as needed.

Learn more about FourStone.