A Turnkey Solution for Workers Compensation Drug Testing




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Genotox – ToxDirectTM Remote Urine Drug Testing

  • Allows for urine drug testing to take place anywhere at anytime without observation
  • Improved scalability since observation is not required every drug test; less workload on organization
  • >100 substances quantitatively analyzed by LC/MS
  • Results available in <48 hours

FourStone Partners

  • Offers clinically actionable pharmacogenomic testing to determine how individuals will respond to medications before they are prescribed. This is an evolving area of personalized medicine that defies the “one size fits all” approach while improving care, reducing polypharmacy and lowering healthcare costs. More than 90% of the US population has at least one genetic variation that affects response to medication (Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information). The same medication dose may be effective for one person, have no effect for another and may cause harm to a third person. These variants can render whole classes of drugs ineffective or even dangerous. Some common areas of medicine that benefit from pharmacogenomic testing include pain management, psychiatry, anesthesiology, anticoagulation, cardiology, oncology and geriatrics. StoneView’s pharmacogenomic test is a tool that enables providers to prescribe the right medication at the right dose for the right patient. The test also identifies medications that may be harmful and should be avoided.

Where does eRAMx come in?

DNA-verified sample authenticity. Ultimate scalability.

Using eRAMx for an observed collection of the donor baseline DNA profile means you never have to observe another drug screening specimen collection.

The eRAMx patented platform allows for the chain-of-custody data to be observed and saved in real time allowing for a digital audit trail.

With thorough, detail-focused observation and reporting features during the initial oral swab, we delivered our clients the ultimate peace of mind for a lifetime of unobserved drug screenings.