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Random Drug Testing

Test when you need to, without disrupting the workday.

Drug use in the workplace and during the workday costs employers. Live Remote Drug Testing can help you implement a random drug testing procedure that saves you time, protects your employees’ privacy, and restores your workplace productivity.

Oral Fluid vs. Urine Integrity

There is a long history of donors obtaining products that exist online that have a proven track record of fooling urinalysis, such products for cheating an oral fluid test simply do not exist.

Flexibility and Freedom from Labs

Our mobile app/platform allows for a drug test to be performed at home, job site, or most locations where the donor has a data plan, or Wi-Fi access. eRAMx provides professionally proctored remote drug tests 24 hours a day.

Productivity Gains

Keep your employees on their assigned job site without losing valuable hours for them to travel to and from a designated lab.

Set your HR team up for success.

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