Pre-Employment Drug Screenings

Establish a faster hiring process with Live Remote Drug Testing.

Stop losing candidates to other employers because of lab delays.

Implement Live Remote Oral fluid drug testing in lieu of sending potential hires to a lab. With Oral fluid testing there are no privacy concerns that would prevent an observed collection, and no delays in obtaining results. Quest Diagnostics publishes the Annual Drug Testing Index, which reports pre-employment positivity rates across the country to be between 3-4%. These statistics are based on laboratory-based urine tests. This means that 96-97% of candidates yield a negative drug test and there is no need for confirmation or additional testing. Rapid oral fluid-based testing allows candidates to begin work immediately and can save organizations significant time and money.

Upgrade the integrity of the “New-Hire” on-boarding process. Digitize all data respective to the drug testing process and the instant results to establish an audit trail.

Set your HR team up for success. Get started with Live Remote Drug Testing.