Incident/Accident Drug Testing

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Incident/Accident testing can be faster and more reliable

Employees can be tested on-site following accidents or if under the suspicion of impairment. Digitize all Oral fluid drug test collection data and results to create an immediate audit trail with eRAMx.

One of the major differences between oral fluid drug testing and urine drug testing is the detection time. The detection time is different for each drug tested. The notable difference is that the detection time is shorter for oral fluid drug testing and recent drug use is more likely to be detected with oral fluid drug testing. The window of detection for oral fluid drug testing is from several hours after use to two days. The narrow but immediate detection window makes oral fluid drug testing a natural choice for reasonable suspicion testing and for post-accident testing.  Sending candidates to a collection site increases error percentages in candidates failing to arrive for testing within the allowed time frame. Candidates may also not have transportation, time, or run into other obstacles preventing them from reporting for collection when requested.

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